Love from Yesteryear

The little girl made a floral tiara
As she skipped through the fragrant garden
Day dreaming of being a princess
Marrying a tall, dark and handsome man

The little drummer boy played all day long
Day dreaming of being a musician
With his pretty girl singing along
Their hearts in rhythm as one

The girl grew into a beautiful princess
The boy into a tall, dark and handsome man
They tiptoed through the mine field of courting
Searching for love, true and genuine

Then from nowhere, she magically appeared
So radiant, kind and sincere
He took her by the hand
and longed to hold her near

They now pledge eternal love
On values of yesteryear
As they gaze into each other’s eyes and sing
I will always love you my dear

Written by Jeremy Turnbull

July 14, 2023

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