The Ballerina

A sweet melody begins
An orchestra of strings
Such a peaceful song
As I peer through the mist
She suddenly appears
A pure and graceful swan

Perfect pirouettes
Her elegance and poise defy
Her femininity captivates
Her mystifying maneuvers mesmerise

This dancing angel
Is taking breaths away
Many hearts are melting
Like snow flakes to a sun ray

A handsome prince arrives
So imposing and proud
He lifts his sweet fairy
Into soft and safe clouds

In this state she is free
Flown from captivity
Soaring high in the breeze
All around is her serenity

She is petite and pretty
He is masculine and strong
As one they glide away
To their grand swan song

© Jeremy Turnbull

Written by Jeremy Turnbull

April 30, 2024

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