I’m not just a tree

Autumn, magical leaves
Golden, red and green
Winter I’ve shed all
Allow you to glean
Precious rays of light
Soothing and serene

Spring I blossom for you
A colour of Utopia
Bees savor my nectar
Create sweet ambrosia

Summer I’m your shade
Relief from stifling heat
Provide your oxygen
Allowing you to breathe

Each morning I greet the sun
I’m captivated by the frost
Dissolves in lush green grass
The morning paper is tossed

A weary black bird
On his daily search
Snares a morning bite
I’m now his feasting perch

I watch with joy as the children play
Their games filled with raucous laughter
When they include me in their hide and seek
I’m smiling for hours thereafter

The sun settles for the night
The little ones depart
They’ll be back at first light
Which retains joy in my heart

Suddenly, young lovers appear
Embraced under stars and moon
Stirring possums from their slumber
They begin their hideous tune

In the darkest hour of the night
A hooded villain enters the fray
The victims unaware of their plight
Their place so placid through the day
I release a limb with all my might
Startled coward now in dismay

Despite all that I provide
Day and night, season to season
Some would have me executed
Giving progress as their reason

© Jeremy Turnbull

Written by Jeremy Turnbull

November 14, 2023

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