Coercive Controlling Chameleon

He’s the life of the party
He seems so confident and charming
But he’s a soldier of Satan
Cruel, callous and conniving

He’ll sweet talk you into falling for him
He’ll make you feel so special
But this mastermind of manipulation
Is laying seeds for your dismantle

He’ll maintain the charming charade
To lure you into his lair
Then unleash the demon within
Pushing you beyond despair

This coercive controlling chameleon
Is a sociopathic liar
He will slowly tear you apart
And lead you straight to hell’s fire

He’s a Jekyll and Hyde lunatic
One moment he says you’re a princess
Then for no reason at all
He beats you until you’re senseless

He’s deliberately inconsistent
This erratic, brutal psycho
To have you walking on egg shells
Terrified of the next inferno

He’ll continually undermine you
Criticize all that you do
Attack your personality
Until you’re a shell of the real you

He’s so desperate and insecure
The only way he’ll get you to stay
Is to destroy your self esteem
Make you too scared to run away

He’ll slowly cut off your friends
Push away your family
Make you believe it’s their fault
So you rely on him solely

This pathetic and vile vermin
Is the epitome of weakness
To physically harm another
Who’s afraid and defenceless

He’s the type of craven
Who’ll cry and cower
When he meets his match
In strength and power

If you begin to experience this filth
Call him out early and run
The lunatic will disappear
When his psychotic plan is undone

It’s time to expose these monsters
Send them back to their caves in shame
Petition the spineless law makers
For they are partly to blame

Don’t EVER fall back into his web
Nobody should be treated this way
YOU deserve so much better
Focus on loving yourself from today

© Jeremy Turnbull

Written by Jeremy Turnbull

January 14, 2024

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