Enchanted woods

Awake all night, wanting to scream
Suddenly into a magical dream
To an enchanting forest, so still and serene
The air so fresh, crisp and clean

Beams of light glimmer from the moon so full
Through misty blankets of cotton wool
Reaching the lake, forming the perfect mirror
A distant howl stirs a moment of tremor

The frog that was a prince swims merrily
With his gorgeous frogess, in harmony
They have left behind jewels and wealth
But are free from a land of corruption and stealth

Nearby is a majestic purple tree
The meeting place for alchemy
A stunning white unicorn dances around
With pixies and fairies, the perfect surround

A werewolf howls, so misunderstood
Yearns for acceptance in these enchanted woods
There’s a giant, so gentle, pruning the trees
To prevent the centaurs being cut to their knees

He picks up the wolf, gives him an embrace
And says you’re welcome anytime, in this place
In this land, we don’t discriminate
From this moment on, you can call me mate

As I’m the giant of this land
This new ruling shall forever stand
Pegasus nods, for he agrees
Wolfy skips off, in hilarity

Written by Jeremy Turnbull

March 24, 2024

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