Cotton candy clouds

Six years of age
Face buried in cotton candy
Looking up to fluffy white clouds on blue canvas
Extending from those you’re devouring in delight
The clouds blend and suddenly you’re in the sky
Cruising among cotton candy clouds

Thirty six years of age
You love to Reminisce
But you know there’s more
Day dreaming of an escape
An albatross flying free
Dipping into sparkling water to refresh
The sea is your kingdom
Crystal clear water unbounded
Free of grounding and shackles
Your dream is a distinct possibility
But you must leap to catch it

Sixty six years of age
Modest dwelling, sea side
Discarded is the monstrosity with mortgage anchor
Free of possessions, uncluttered mind
Swaying in the hammock between palm trees
The ocean breeze soothes your skin
With the pretty pink skyline
The perfect backdrop for brilliant sunset
Soothing serenity of silence
Between the sound of water lapping the sand
Over the heartbeat of your loved one
Totally at peace and finally satisfied
Why did it take so long?

Written by Jeremy Turnbull

March 18, 2024

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